From back office to boardroom: the MDR evolution

Published by NTT

Discover the benefits of modern MDR platforms and services.

Once the domain of CISOs and security professionals only, managed detection and response (MDR) now has the attention of more CFOs, CIOs and CMOs.


It’s becoming more widely recognized that modern MDR platforms and services:

  • Improve the security of customer and employee digital transactions
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Provide sought-after advanced security skills, such as digital forensics 

Join IDC VP Security Services, Craig Robinson and NTT VP, GTM Cybersecurity Strategy, Sean Duffy, as they discuss the role of MDR in the enterprise, and its impact on operational excellence and overall business performance. 

Sean will also share details on NTTs newly launched MDR solution and describe how an NTT financial services client used the platform to comply with country- and industry-specific security regulations.

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